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A sizes - I.S.O. system for the commonest paper sizes A2 A3 A4 etc., replacing traditional Imperial sizes - quarto, octavo foolscap and so on. See paper section.

Art stock - denotes paper or board with an additional smooth coating, glossy or matt/silk, usually of china clay.

Artwork - The starting point for your printed work. Can be just a rough with photographs for us to assemble a design from or 'Finished' artwork ready for the printer (or anywhere in-between)! See our Design Matters page.

Authors (corrections) - Changing your mind and the design, making additions or corrections or changes. These can cost money! See proofing section!

Bleed - The element of a design or printed job that extends to the edge of a sheet. 'Bleed' needs to extend off the print area to be trimmed of later.

Board - Heavier than paper! Generally accepted to be stock over 160/170gsm. Beware; folded work on board weight stock often needs to be creased to avoid cracking on the spine (more expense)!

Calliper - The measure of the thickness of paper or board. As a general rule uncoated stock measures fatter than the same weight of coated yet feels and is lighter.

Capacity - Allowance in the spine an pocket/s of folders or in envelopes giving room for contents. Expressed in millimetres.

Carbonless - Self-copy or NCR (no carbon required) generally used for invoices, delivery notes, order forms and the like. Can be separated into 'Sets' or padded and made into books. Numbering and perforating come in at this point.

C.M.Y.K. - Cyan, Magenta Yellow and Black (sorry, can't remember why black is K). These are the basic colours from which full colour print work is produced. Computer generated 'Finished Artwork' should be supplied in CMYK not in R.G.B. (computer screen colours). Another expense, see our design section!

Glossary of Common Print Terms